I run Platypush daily on about 15 devices, so I've kind of tried to install it on a fresh RPi a few times.

Python 2 deprecation was announced in 2015 (that's 5 years ago) and it's officially unsupported and deprecated as of 1st of Jan of this year (https://www.python.org/doc/sunset-python-2/). Raspbian Buster has been the last version where Python 2 is the default version, although they clearly state that all new developments should be on Python 3 (https://raspberry-valley.azurewebsites.net/Python-Default-Version/), and switching to Python 3 is as simple as typing "python3" or "update-alternatives". Moreover, upon installation and startup Platypush throws a clear error when used with Python < 3.6.

And in the story I've clearly typed `apt-get install redis-server`. If you typed the name with a space in between it's not my fault (tab-completion would fix such issues anyway). Neither is the purpose of this story to explain that package management on Linux requires super-user privileges, because it’d miss its focus. There’s plenty of free and well-maintained material to get started with Linux or with the RaspberryPi — also, copy-pasting the apt error in any search engine would have provided the answer within seconds. I can’t simply cover the basics again and again in every story I publish. Platypush, as well as my Medium stories, are meant for beginners as well, but they are not supposed to be off-the-shelf solutions nor ready-to-copy-paste step-by-step tutorials for people who have never seen a command line before —especially those who get mad at the developer after the first apt missing privileges error. If you want to report typos/errors in the story you’re more than welcome. If you want to report issues with the code you’re also welcome to do so on the Github page. But let’s always keep it constructive and objective. Not saying explicitly that apt requires sudo or that Python 2 is still the default version of the interpreter on some older versions of Raspbian doesn’t make this a terrible tutorial, nor it makes Platypush a bad product.

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