You guys are boring and predictable. “Leftist propaganda”, “corrupt media”, “fake news”. You all simply talk like Tucker Carlson and have lost any trace of independent critical thought, and even the ability to express things using your own words and vocabulary. Once you listened to a Republican, you’ve listened to them all.

Most of all, you’re talking as if there was another guy ruling your country for the past 4 years and you need to take that guy out. You and your president have no clue of what it means to be a mature politician who gets things done and take responsibility of his actions without simply finding a scapegoat to blame and a couple of lobotomized slogans to repeat until listeners get dumb.

Even when someone brings lots of insights and data into an article, and potentially plenty of room for discussion, you just throw your “leftist media and fake news” accusation without further arguments and walk away, just like a pigeon who shits on a chessboard and believes that he’s understood how to play the game.

There’s not much room for any discussion with you guys. You have decided to lock yourself into your own little world and believe whatever comes from your own tiny circle of trusted media. Everything else is fake and doesn’t even deserve a dime of your reading time (although you still feel entitled to comment on content that yo haven’t even read, or don’t even have the education to understand).

Me and you don’t even belong to the same species anymore. People like you will soon lose their ability to walk upright and articulate words, after losing the ability for critical thought and 90% of the vocabulary. You aren’t only proudly sitting on the wrong side of history — you’re sitting on the wrong side of nature, and you guys have become spectacular evolutionary failures who deserve no mercy for their ignorance.

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